Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Tu-Tutorial

Making a tutu at home is cheap, fast and easy! NO SEWING NECESSARY! Let me walk you through a few simple steps and you will have your little ballerina dancing around in no time!

1-3 Rolls of 6" Tulle (different
Elastic band (up to 1/2 in. wide)
Ribbon tie for back (Optional)

Step 1: Take your elastic band and tie it around a chair back (or in my case, I used a wooden tray). You want it to be stretched, but not to its full extent so you do not exhaust the elastic band.

Step 2: Now cut a piece of tulle that is approximately between 15"-24" long, depending on how long you want your skirt to be. *Note: the length of the skirt will be HALF of the length you cut. You can always trim it shorter at the end of the project.
Step 3: Fold your piece of tulle in half and place behind the elastic. Loop the loose ends of the tulle around the elastic and through the hole in the middle.

Step 4: Pull to tighten. DO NOT tighten all the way because it will stretch out the elastic and you don't want to do this until the end. Repeat Steps 2-4 over and over and staggering color variations evenly until you have enough to create a full tutu, based on your child's size. The more ties and the closer together you bunch them will determine how full your tutu is.

Step 5: You have several finishing options. 1. You can just tie the elastic in a tight knot. 2) you can sew a pretty ribbon to the ends of the elastic to provide a little room for growth. 3) You can sew the ends together *it might be easier to sew the elastic together in step 1. I have also seen someone do the entire tutu on a ribbon, but I have not tested this.

THAT'S IT! You have a beautiful tutu fit for your princess!

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